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San Jose


San Jose

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, with a population of about 340,000 people, making it the biggest city in the country. The city is located on a mountain plateau and surrounded by a beautiful landscape, offering a very relaxed and scenic atmosphere.
San Jose is not only the capital, but also the absolute centre of entertainment in the country. Besides it is the central location of the government, university, and some of the most famous theatres in the country. Between the parks, various artists and musicians in the streets, and trendy restaurants and bars, you will never be bored.
The Plaza de Cultura provides two of the most interesting buildings of the city: the National Theater (today one landmark of the national pride) and the Gold Museum (a collection of 1600 pieces of Pre-Columbian gold work). Worth visiting are also the Jade Museum, the Insect Museum or a coffee and a butterfly farm.

It's the capital of Costa Rica and where most international flights arrive
The city features springlike weather all year long
There are lots of fun activities to do like active volcanoes, day tours to coffee plantations, canopy tours, whitewater rafting adventures and much more
It has all the amenities and conveniences of a large city
You can use the public bus system or rent a car or motorcycle, however downtown San José is filled with cars specially at noon being the transportation hub of the country. It will be better to walk most of the time, besides you'll get to know the city a little bit more.
The best of the city 

Centro Nacional de Arte y Cultura: It used to be the old Liquor Factory. Today, it houses the National Cultural Center, a large performing arts campus that brings to locals and international visitiors the best in the areas of dance, art and theatre.

Museo de Jade: A stunning black glass structure that features the largest collection of American jade. These gems, date back from 500 BC to AD 800 and are displayed with great lighting and spacing to allow visitors to appreciate them in full detail.

Spirogyra Butterfly Garden:  Located in the heart of the city, this charming butterfly garden provides visitors a deep insight into the life cycles of over 30 species of butterflies and showing how they impact the environment. There is also a coffee shop and gallery+gift shop.

Museo de Oro Precolombino: a stunning collection of over 1500 gold artifacts and one of the world's most important collections of Pre-Columbian gold. It features valuable coins, figurines, jewelry and more. There are also worshops about the social and cultural aspects of the Pre-Columbian culture.

Teatro Nacional:  It is worth going just to view this unique structure, the neoclassical facade and its exquisite interior. You can also enjoy dramatic and musical performances on a regular basis.

Parque Nacional: It's located in the middle of busy of San José bringing natural beauty to the city. Workers come here during lunch for a little rest, families bring children to play, and tourists find a place to relax. On sundays there are concerts in the park pavilion.



San Jose is located in a tropical zone and holds therefore a mild climate with a temperature average between 18ºC (64ºF) and 26ºC (79ºF) along the year.