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Monteverde is a Costa Rican zone located among a total of ten small villages in the high mountain ranges of Tilaran, which is almost 1440 meters high (4662 ft). It is internationally renowned and admired for its ambitious efforts to preserve the conservation of cloud forest reserves and for encouraging the sustainable development of its communities.
Monteverde is a region that speaks to those concerned and passionate about the preservation of natural life. Monteverde is most commonly known for its greenery and natural beauty, hence the nickname "The Green Mountain". Yet, no imagination can reach the natural marvels you will encounter and no camera will capture the extent of its beauty. This tiny village is a gift to nature lovers, and the possibilities for adventure are endless.
There’s so much to see and do here that choosing isn’t an easy task. Yet, the Preserve of Monteverde and Santa Elena Reserve are a priority, and surely you’ll love to visit them once and again. Some exhilarating activities include: bird watching and hiking, there are more than 13 km (8 miles) of well-preserved hiking trails; sky walk and sky trek in a network of forest paths and suspension bridges that reach 39 m (128 ft) above the ground; or take some horseback rides, 4x4 trucks, and boats to the area of Arenal Volcano. Some of Monteverde’s ecological reserves are: Ecological Farm Wildlife Refuge, Monteverde Nature Center and Butterfly Gardens, Monteverde Snake Exhibit, Paradise for Bellbirds Bird Sanctuary, and Peaceful Trail Reseve. Remember that each reserve in the region is a unique experience, and opportunities for great fun and excitement are countless. Other interesting day-visits worth your time are: Cerro Amigos and Monteverde Cheese Factory.
From moment you arrive in Monteverde you'll find that much of this town remains untouched by modernism and that the majority of its inhabitants maintain a rural lifestyle. The village has a bank where you can change money and travelers checks, as well as cash. There is also a pharmacy, a hospital, a library, a gas station, ATM machine, police station and post office Open mostly to serve the tourists there are a number of supermarkets, internet cafes, restaurants and bars. This is the perfect location if you want to learn Spanish in the Costa Rican rainforest!

Near San José
Many outdoor activities to fit everyone
Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes
Great for eco-tourism lovers
This area is a rural region and is a 3-hour bus ride from San José. Buses travel daily to and from Monteverde at 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
The best of the city 

Great biodiversity: The area features at least 400 species of birds over 100 species of mammals, 120 species of reptiles and amphibians and more that 2,500 flora specimens. You can hike the surroundings and you'll discover this wonderland!

Farmers' market: Shop for vegetables, fruit, sweets and more at the local farmer's market and get immersed in Costa Rican society.

All you can eat: Here you'll find Italian, Chilean, and Asian styled menus with an emphasis on buying locally grown products. Restaurants exist for every budget and every occasion, and many are vegetarian.

Monteverde Cloud Forest tour: Enter this foggy mystical forest and explore this fascinating part of Costa Rica with all your senses, smell, touch, see and taste it!

Selvatura hanging bridges: Tree top walkways through virgin cloud forest and one of the most amazing ways to experience the beauty of this rare ecosystem.

Canopy tours!: This forest has some interesting canopy stations all over the forest. Adventure yourself into this activity!



The average daily temperature is 18º to 24° C (65º to 75° F). The climate is typically cool and at times wet. If you plan to visit during the rainy season (May - December), we recommend .bringing rain gear and waterproof shoes or boots (especially if you plan to visit the reserves) as well as pants, long-sleeved shirts and a light jacket.