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Buena Vista


Buena Vista

Buena Vista is located in the Guanacaste province. The project is 3.5 kilometres to the north of Samara Beach and it belongs to the Tempisque Conservation Area. The camp site is 800 meters away from the ocean, the mangroves are in the back and the Buena Vista river is a few meters away.
Buena Vista beach is a 2.8 Km. stretch of sand limited to the north by a blind estuary and on the south by the Buena Vista River Mouth. The back of the beach is bordered by a mangrove system that depends on water from the river and the tides. The ocean is great for surfing. Its slope ranges between 3º and 4º with a strong current that suffers of all over the world look for. It is known for its multicolor sunsets and it has a moderate tourism development. It is also ideal for just hanging out and resting in the grey sand. Some parts of the beach have slight pending where you can try doing ultra light airplanes travel.
No need to say that you'll have the chance to experience these different habitats, each one with its beauties and wildlife. You'll be able to see sea turtles as well as lot of sea birds, crocodiles, iguanas among others. Biodiversity is really amazing here, so if you're a wild animal’s lover you'll be very happy to choose this project.

Distance from the Capital City: 238 Km.
Buses can take you there and they are relatively inexpensive.
The main goal of this project is to help the sea turtle populations to recover.
The placement is 800 meters away from the ocean, the mangroves are in the back and the Rio Buena Vista is a few meters away.
The best of the city 

Playa Samara:It is located approximately 2.5 Km. from Buena Vista. It has about 1500 inhabitants and it is fully dedicated to tourism so many services are provided there. Also, you can find bars, supermarkets and discos.

Nicoya:One of the oldest communities in Costa Rica and it has approximately 5000 inhabitants. Its main economic activities are tourism, agriculture, cattle raising and forestry. You can also find here many services and facilities.

Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Ostional:It's located about 20 Km. away from Buena Vista and it's one of the only beaches in the world where "arribadas" occur every year. Hundreds of thousands of turtles arrive simultaneously to this 4 Km. stretch of sand.

Canopy by cable: Enjoy this exciting activity. This is the best place to do it and there are many tourist agencies that offer it.

Rappel: Descend from fixed ropes along ravines, canyon walls, waterfalls, trees or bridges. Costa Rica in general and Buena Vista in particular have many spots to practice this sport!


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The area receives the Pacific's climate influence; which shows in the amount and distribution of rain. It has 2 distinct seasons. Summer, from December to May; and winter from June to November. Minimum temperatures average the 26ºC and maximum temperatures about 35ºC humidity of course is high: it ranges from 50% to 95% throughout the year.