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Students´ social life in Cartagena


Social life

Student social life: The school organizes a variety of activities that the students can participate in. These include:


A city tour by bus,
A trip through the city center,
Latin dance classes,
Horse drawn carriage ride,
Visit to the Botanical Garden.


Trip to Santa Marta or Tayrona
Excursion to San Jacinto (crafts)
Ride to Baru Island
Trip to Rosario Island
Excursion to Bocachica

Photos & Videos

Student´s life in Cartagena
Students outgoing, Cartagena
School staff at the break, Cartagena
Foreign students in Cartagena
Salsa lesson in Cartagena
Student enjoying the city, Cartagena
Students meeting, Cartagena
Students karaoke, Cartagena
Students farewell in Cartagena
Night of bowling in Cartagena
Students party in Cartagena
Spanish School in Cartagena
Schoolyard, Cartagena
Spanish group classes in Cartagena
View of the Yard and the School´s Cafeteria in Cartagena
The School´s Cafeteria in Cartagena
View of the kitchen and the School´s Cafeteria in Cartagena
Classroom group in Cartagena
School´s Reception of Cartagena
Spanish Lessons in Cartagena
Social Activities in Cartagena
Students enjoying the city, Cartagena
Salsa lessons in Cartagena
Student sharing with School Staff, Cartagena
Salsa lessons in Cartagena
Students dinner in Cartagena
Typical lunch in Cartagena
Students at the break, Cartagena
Typical colombian palenqueras, Cartagena
Weekly meeting of farewell, Cartagena
Student enjoying at the sound of salsa, Cartagena
City & Life in Cartagena
Walled City in Cartagena
Wall, Cartagena
Typical dances in the old city street, Cartagena
Palenqueras of Colombia
Colorful balconies of the old city, Cartagena
White Beach, Cartagena
View of the old city, Cartagena
Santa Teresa square, Cartagena
Bus in Cartagena