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Bogotá is the capital of the country, located in central Colombia, in the natural region known as “the savannah of Bogota.” It is as diverse as the entire country, and the most important cultural center of Colombia, with hundreds of places to visit and activities to do. Its important cultural offering includes many museums, theaters, and libraries, which has led to Bogotá being recognized as the “Athens of South America" and the 2007 Ibero-American Capital of Culture. It is also home to important, nationally and internationally renowned festivals. Academic activity is also significant, as most of the major Colombian universities are based in the city. Furthermore, UNESCO granted the city the title of World Book Capital 2007 and in March 2012 appointed it as the "City of Music" as part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. Bogotá is a city in transformation; urban renewal is visible in all sectors. The Transmilenio mass transit system, for example, changed the face of the main streets of the capital. In 2006, Bogotá received the Golden Lion Award from the Venice Biennale for its urban renewal, including new office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, housing, and the construction and improvement of parks and libraries. The New York Times named the city one of the 31 destinations to visit in 2010.

Bogotá = City of Museums
Active nightlife.
Friendly people.
Wide range of cuisine.
Pleasant climate.
Bogotá has a transportation system with a dedicated bus lane on the city’s main avenues. Transmilenio vehicles run through the majority of the city through 9 main lines, with an auxiliary feeder bus system at intermediate stations and portals.
The best of the city 

National Museum: To go to this museum is to travel through the history of Colombia. In the old Panóptico (once a prison), now archaeological, ethnographic, artistic, historical, and modern pieces are stored. The museum has a permanent collection and several temporary and traveling collections.

National Library: America's oldest national library. Founded in 1777, it houses in its universal collection 48 incunabula (earliest printed books), about 30 thousand books published before 1800, many rare and unusual books, the first print newspaper in Colombia, and even more cultural gems.

Park Festivals: Park Festivals are cultural events held throughout the year. There are six musical festivals with different musical trends and cultures – rock, hip- hop, jazz, opera, salsa, and Colombian music – all of which draw thousands of spectators.

Nightlife: Bogotá is also a party destination. Here you can find all kinds of nightlife: you can drink craft beer, and listen to jazz, salsa, merengue, vallenato, or rock.

Food: There are a variety of vegetables such as celery, cabbage, cucumber, and native tubers like potatoes which are used in a large variety of dishes such as “Bogotá Ajiaco" or the potato dish “Papa Chorreada.”

Shopping: In different business areas of Bogotá, you’ll find high-quality items made by designers, artisans, artists, tailors, and carpenters, which are available at very affordable prices.


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Bogotá has an average climate of 14° C (57° F), varying between 9° and 20° C (48° and 68° F). The rainy seasons are distributed throughout the year.