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Basic Description

From the hot Atacama Desert to the cold Antarctic territory, Chile is the perfect location to get fully immersed in Español and its culture. Chile has great cities like Valparaíso with its picturesque port or Viña del Mar where Latin American´s most important folk music festival is held. But also calm lake villages to relax and enjoy magnificent views populate the country. Chile has lots of natural beauties and also lots of interesting customs that they love to share as well as their language. This country benefits from a highly literate population and healthy international relations and it is one of South America's most developed countries. Full of kind, warm and welcoming people, you’ll learn Español faster than you can say “marisco”! Whether surfing in the pacific, skiing in the Andes or savoring delicious sea food, this country and its people will win you over! Now is a great time to visit, so get your spirit in gear and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

Cities available

The best of the country
Food & Drinks 
The food traditions stand out due to the varieties in flavors and colors. The country's long coastline and the Chilean people relationship with the sea adds an immense array of ocean products to their recipes.
Music & Dance 
It has a very rich folklore music scattered in different geographical zones: northern, central, and southern, each with their own characteristics and sounds. Other musical expressions are Easter Island music and Mapuche music.
Plastic Arts 
Always avant-garde, all tendencies are manifested in Chilean plastic arts, with creators who have contributed to universal art, as is the case with Roberto Matta.
Even though the cinematic culture didn't fully developed untill the '70s today national cinema is alive and kicking. You can see online subtitled versions of movies like "Machuca", "Taxi para 3" and "El chacotero sentimental".
Science and technology 
Chile has 22 institutes conducting research in agriculture, medicine, natural sciences, and technology, as well as the European Southern Observatory. At least 27 colleges and universities offer degrees in basic and applied sciences.
The most representative sport is soccer, however, the most successful is tennis. In rural areas, the most practiced sport is rodeo, which is the national sport, and is considered to be the second most popular sport after soccer.
Spare time 
Life in Chile is very family oriented so they spend much of their time together. Young Chileans like to get together at friends’ houses or go to movies, gather in the town square, go to parties, or just hang out in the local café.
The most famous literature has come from Nobel Prize poets Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral, whose homes and birthplaces are now museums that attract literary pilgrims to Chile.


One-third of Chile is covered by the towering ranges of the Andes.
Great diversity of landscapes, cultures & traditions.
Home of the Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda.
Well-known for the high level of education of its people.