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Students´social life in Sucre


Social Life

A variety of activities organized by the school in which students can participate: meetings in cafes, musical,song and dance, dance classes or cuisine, attending concerts, operas and theaters recognized the major tourscultural monuments and historic city and tourist attractions popular.


Tour to the markets in Tarabuco,
Meet "Johnny Walker" (dinosaur tracks),
Visit to Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Tour to the Metropolitan Cathedral,
Excursion to the House of Freedom.

Photos & Videos

Student´s Life in Sucre
Visiting the city, Sucre
Students eat a typical meal, Sucre
Playing a typical song, Sucre
Sudents play basketball, Sucre
Students meet at restaurant, Sucre
Playing soccer, Sucre
Playing volley, Sucre
Students with typical animals, Sucre
At the hot springs, Sucre
Playing together!, Sucre
Spanish School in Sucre
Students at shool, Sucre
Our Spanish course, Sucre
Students at the class, Sucre
Students in the school, Sucre
Spanish course, Sucre
Our certificates!, Sucre
At school, Sucre
At the afternoon in the school, Sucre
The school, Sucre
Students in the school, Sucre
Social Activities in Sucre
Eating  typical food, Sucre
Celebrating a typical day, Sucre
Celebrating a typical day, Sucre
Students meet at night, Sucre
Celebrating a typical day, Sucre
Playing in the school!, Sucre
Dancing at school!, Sucre
At dinner, Sucre
Celebrating a typical day, Sucre
Carneval day, Sucre