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Basic Description

Bolivia borders with Brazil to the north and east, with Chile and Peru to the west  and with Paraguay and Argentina to the south. Bolivia is a country with a great variety of different landscapes. Its territory includes the Cordillera de los Andes, the Altiplano, the Pantanal and Chaco. Also in Bolivia you can admire natural wonders such as Titicaca Lake and "El Salar de Uyuni". Its people and its culture will surprise you with their diversity. You can visit lakes that change color, the Amazon and cities such as Sucre, Potosí and La Paz which are characterized by its colonial architecture or one of the ski slopes at higher elevations. Ultimately Bolivia is the best place to start your adventure.

Cities available

The best of the country
Food & Drinks 
The mixture of cultures make Bolivia a country of great gastronomy. You will savor dishes such as fricassee (stew of spicy pork), the chairo (stew and vegetables) and Aji de Lengua.
Music & Dance 
Bolivia is known to have many folk dances. Some examples are the Saya (Afro-Bolivian), the moraine (the dancers are disguised with masks exaggerated features) and the Tinku.Un band to focus on include the Kjarkas.
Plastic Arts 
Bolivian artists that stand out are Roberto Mamani Mamani ( important in the aymara painture), Arturo Borda, Arturo Reque Meruvia or Lorgio Vaca.
Great comedies and dramas are of Bolivian origin. You will enjoy watching "Faith Matters" by Marcos Loayza, "American Visa" by Juan Carlos Valdivia and "The day the silence died" by Paolo Agazzi.
Science and technology 
Bolivia is the second largest natural gas basin in South America. Also significant is their contribution in wind and solar energy.
Soccer is the most important sport for Bolivians with “Bolivars” and “The strongest” as the most famous teams, but volleyball and basketball are popular too.
Spare time 
Bolivians like to enjoy their free time. It's normal to go out to dance or have a drink with friends, but spending time with the family is very important too.
Bolivia grows great writers, which include Oscar Alfaro, Marcelo Villena Alvarado, Jaime Saenz Adela Zamudio and many others.


The sixth largest country in Latin America.
A high biodiversity.
The Titicaca Lake is one of the largest in Latin America.
Diversity of weather and landscapes.
A multiethnic country.