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Ushuaia is the world’s southernmost city. Known as the “city of the End of the World” - or the beginning of everything else-, Ushuaia combines natural beauty and regional hospitality to become a favourite spot for many tourists visiting.
The city is located between the shores of the Beagle Channel and the Martial Mountains. Its marvellous location allows you to enjoy the conjunction of the ocean, the forest and the mountains, with its valleys, lakes and local fauna.
Ushuaia is an international-like city plenty of sights and activities for everybody. This small city is full of nature and adventure. The natural scenery is breath taking, and is ideal for practicing adventure sports in any season, specially trekking, fishing, sailing, and cycling.

Southernmost city in the world.
Near to ski areas and glaciers.
Argentina's fastest growing city due to the fact that it is a duty free port and because there is a relative abundance of regional work.
Most people find that having some sort of vehicle to get around Ushuaia is essential. You can rent a car and get yourself around town fairly easily, though the roads are extremely rough and you might need some help now and then. Another popular way to get around Ushuaia is via taxi. This will let you sit back and relax as you get from point A to Point B. Taxi drivers here are also quite knowledgeable about the area and can recommend tours, hotels, restaurants and the like. If you want to stay in the center of town, be sure to just walk. There are some interesting buildings, and parts of this area are for pedestrians only.
The best of the city 

Museo Marítimo y del Presidio: Learn about Tierra del Fuego’s past, and take advantage of the fact that it has also been built on the site of Ushuaia’s former jail. Visitors to the museum can access the eerie cell areas (built by the prisoners themselves) and imagine life behind walls in the early 20th century.

Train of the end of the world: Originally built to serve Ushuaia’s mythical prison, and now takes you on a spectacular 8km round-trip up to the Tierra del Fuego National Park Station. This iconic steam train takes you along the Pico river valley and gives you a unique insight into the Yamaná people and local history.

Fin del mundo Museum: Located in the old House of Government, it is worth having a wander in its gardens which are free of charge and of course there is the museum to visit that presents the history of Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego including the history of the indigenous tribes, the maritime activity and its European settlers.

Yamana Museum: Exhibits the lifestyle of the Yamana tribe who were the original settlers of Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego before the arrival of the first Europeans in the 19th Century. The exhibitions are both in Spanish and English and there is also a video presentation.

Laguna Negra Chocolate Artesanal: a local chocolate shop. The shop has many different kinds of chocolates. You can mix and match small pieces of different chocolates and you pay by the weight. You can also buy chocolate  milk.  

San Martin street: The shopping street in Ushuaia. Here you will find duty-free shopping and a post office. In the shops, you can buy everything from the typical souvenirs of T-shirts, keychains, postcards, and magnets to more local products.


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The climate in the region is naturally very cold due to the extreme southern locale, and it is advised to travel to the region during the summer months between October and mid-April. At all times of the year it can change very rapidly and travelers should always be aware that harsh conditions can onset quickly. Ushuaia has a subpolar oceanic climate (Köppen Cfc) Temperatures average 1.6 °C (34.9 °F) in the coolest month (July), and 10.4 °C (50.7 °F) in the warmest month (January). The record low is -25 °C (-13 °F), and record high 29 °C (85 °F) (December). On average the city experiences 200 days of light rain or snow a year, with many cloudy and foggy days.