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Patagonia-Puerto Madryn


Puerto Madryn

This sheltered port facing Golfo Nuevo is best known as the gateway to the of Península Valdés. Madryn holds its own as a beach destination, but the main attraction occurs from June to mid-December, when the visit of the whales take center stage. From July to September the whales are so close they can be viewed without even taking a tour, from the coast 20km north of town or the 500m pier in town. It was founded by Welsh settlers in 1886.Water sports like diving, kiteboarding, wind surfing as well as a rich wildlife like pinguins, sea lions and whales that you'll hardly see anywhere else await you. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure in Puerto Madryn!

Swim with sea lions.
See penguins in their natural habitat.
Make watersports like windsurf, kite or scuba.
Get amazed with the beautiful whales that jump over the water surface.
Puerto Madryn has a bus terminal that connects you with the rest of the country. The main airport of the region is less than an hour away, although there is the nearest airport is located just 10 minutes from downtown.
The best of the city 

Punta Tombo: This is a penguin colony where you can walk among thousands of penguins between the months of October and March. Often combined with a visit to Punta Tombo is a boat trip to spot the small black-and-white Commerson's dolphins. You can see them during the months of June through March.

Península Valdés: Here one can see penguins and a great number of sea lions and elephant seals, depending on the season. In January, all three can be seen, including sea lions giving birth. Don't miss the opportunity!

Punta Loma: Seventeen kilometers southwest of Puerto Madryn is a sea lion reserve. It can be reached by bike. You cannot leave without getting to see this wonderful creatures.

Whale Watching: the Southern Right Whale uses the waters of Golfo Nuevo for breeding and giving birth. They are easily seen from the shore and pier. This is the main show in the area and is put up by the famous whales that jump over the water surface with their upright tails to announce their longed-for presence. You won't believe your eyes.

Scuba with Sea lions: Puerto Madryn is the top destination of Argentinian scuba diving. For many people, it hides extraordinary spots and varied possibilities to go underwater. One of them: diving with sea lions, a classic in the region. Make a dream come true!.

Museum of modern art: This is the only Museum of Modern Art in Patagonia. You can freely observe the most outstandig works of Pérez Celis, Quinquela Martín, Marino Santamarina, as well as other regional and local artists.



Summer is hot and intermediate seasons are always fresh. It should be noted that the temperature drops sharply at night and early morning hours, important information when planning your luggage.