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Volunteer Program in Buenos Aires


Volunteer Program


Volunteer and help to provide a good quality life to children with HIV/AIDS in Buenos Aires. You'll be supported by experienced staff and will be able to make a difference on these children's life even with your smallest gesture. Your presence will ensure that each child's needs are met according to their individual medical, developmental and emotional status, and that they get the most effective help possible. You will expand your knowledge about the disease making global awareness posible. You can help! Sign up now!
This project is not only a day care, but a true shelter which also provides daily meals to about 150 children. Besides care and food, the project offers workshops and entertainment, so a helping hand would be of great help. You'll be able to help in whatever activity you like; taking care of the children and organizing workshops as well as helping in the soup kitchen.You'll be compensated in your daily activities when you see how much these children need your help and how much the littlest thing can do. Volunteer at this day care center!
Volunteer acompanying vulnerable children and teenagers from troubled backgrounds in a children's home. You can bring positive changes into their lives and help them to strive for a better future. Most of them need support to overcome their troubles and lots of work is waiting for you to be done. You will practice a lot of Spanish while collaborating on the daily activities. Children will appreciate your support since a little help means a lot for them. To be patient, didactic and creative is the key to succeed on this project. By volunteering in several tasks you will gain significant experience as well as receive a lot of satisfaction in return!
On this project you be able to help a very experienced staff to assist senior citizens to improve their quality of life. This huge organization offers all kinds of care for the elderly in a beautiful campus. There are many activities you can get involved with! Either helping the staff with specific tasks or giving a workshop for the patients or simply playing cards and lending a ear to those who have lived so much is going to be of great help and it will be very appreciated! Participate in this project and live for yourself an experience that will remain in your heart forever.
On this project you'll work at a local organization that carries out a rehabilitation program for the patients of a prestigious Psychiatric Hospital that use a strategy for helping the reinsertion of the people with mental disabilities. It consists in developing a vegetable garden where the patients that are about to be dispatch dedicate their time to planting fruits, vegetables and flowers which later are used to cook. This is a great project to work on. You'll feel you are making a difference from the moment you step a foot on it. Seeing how these patients life transforms for the better is the best reward.
Health, confinement, environment, gender, violence, immigrants, media outlet (information from an online journal) are some of the issues we have attorney from our institutional goals, to not only inform and disseminate everydays reality, but coordinate actions to improve the citizens' of quality of life .
On this project the Participants will attend volunteers trainings and will participate in many activities in the Host Organization such as colaborating with the organization, the planning and evaluation of several projects. These range from education, languages, photography, cinema and video, environmental care and healthy life projects. Participants are mainly required to strengthen social inclusion experiences with at-risk population, to develop comprehension and negociation habilities and learn how to plan, implement and evaluate social projects.
Your collaboration on this project is more than appreciated, you can be part of the campaigns that the organization carries out promoting the community participation and their spreading. Two saturdays per month, the organization makes fairs to raise funds for activities. In these fairs, those donations which are in better conditions are sold and the volunteers work is essential there.
Help outside the box and put all your energy and possitive attitude to help people in need from Buenos Aires. Work at an organization that provides them with a warm meal, legal aid, emotional support and plenty of workshops for people living below the poverty line. Anything you can do is going to be like a brick in the building of a better future. Homeless persons that come to this shelter need all the help they can get and will be happy to see volunteers like you caring for them. Volunteer now!
By giving a hand on this project you will provide a safe place for the girls and help them reinserting it into the formal education system and society. Can you think of a better thing to do? The girls as well as the project responsibles will be thankful and you'll make new friends and carry a warm feeling in your heart for the rest of your life. Help now!