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Your Spanish School in Buenos Aires



Buenos Aires Spanish School is located in one of the most valued historic buildings of Buenos Aires, "Palacio San Miguel".

The Spanish school is close to the main tourist attractions in the city such as the Obelisco and the magnificent building of the National Congress. 


+15 spacious classrooms
Audio and video room
Teacher's room
Student's meeting room
Equipped kitchen
Terraces and Balconies


First day welcome lunch and city walk
Weekly tours and recreational activities calendar
Free Internet access - WI FI
Free access to kitchenette
Free coffee, tea, milk, and refrigerated water
24/7 Emergency phone
COINED tutorship


School Location

The Spanish school is close to the main tourist attractions and areas of interest: a few blocks from the Obelisco and the magnificent building of the National Congress. Transport is very convenient and within easy access. All metro lines in Buenos Aires have a stop just five minutes away from the school.
“My first three days in Argentina have been filled with exciting new adventures and experiences. The day we arrived I was a little overwhelmed by the huge size, diversity, and population of an unfamiliar place. However, after walking around a lot on the second day and going to school at COINED where I could learn some Spanish, I felt more confident that I could get around on my own when necessary. Yesterday, I really enjoyed going to visit the Dr. Dámaso Centeno school in Caballito. It was one of the neatest things I’ve ever done! The students and teachers gave us an exceptional welcome and were extremely kind and helpful. I really felt there was a good exchange cultural knowledge and awareness. This experience was something that I will never forget, and I am very grateful for the individuals at COINED who were the ones that are making this happen for us. At the COINED headquarters, I have also enjoyed our lessons regarding Argentine history and culture. Everything I have encountered so far has been new and interesting. I appreciate all of the kindness I have received from the people in Argentina and look forward to the next four days.”