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Internships in Buenos Aires




As an intern in administration you will perform tasks in the accounting area, as well in the sales area, checking and receiving inputs and helping managers with anything they may need.
If you've got skills in model building, communication, design techniques, business and you're and open-minded our program is made for you. Sign up now!
If you are a creative, positive, energetic, art-focused person that considers culture one of the most important fields in society, this is your opportunity. Sign up now!
If you've got aptitudes in any software for fashion design, human resources, costumer service, assessing and creativity this program is made for you. Sign up now!
If you've got creativity, you are responsible, able to work in team and you believe that cooking is an art this is the perfect project for you.
If you’ve got skills in development, web design, search engine optimization, social media, or online marketing, this is the perfect project for you. Sign up now!
As an intern in Medical observation in Buenos Aires you will take care of patients, assist primary care rounds, spend time with patients and perform social assistant duties.
If you've got skills in technical support, project management, networking, multi-task, IT systems and you are organized, detail-oriented and proactive this internship is perfect for you.
If you've got a good knowledge of trends and styles, communication skills and you are creative and care for details this placement is perfect for you.
If you have social skills, knowledge about Argentinean law, writing skills and you are able to work in team, this is your opportunity! Sign up now!
As an intern you will develop a marketing plan and products promotions as well, assisting to generate content for the website and communication strategies and you also will be involved in the launch of new products.
If you're interested in communication and you are organized, efficient, responsible, open-minded and creative this program is perfect for you.
If you are open-minded, self confident, positive, speak languages and have oral communication skills, this program is perfect for you. Sign up!
If you are responsible, polite, empathic, confident, patient and you like children and teaching, this is the best program for you
As an intern in Tourism you will perform tasks like assist in the kitchen while you learn about traditional Argentinean meals, give assessment in touristic places and much more.
If you want to improve your skills in proofreading, analyse texts and their structure, written communication and gain a deeper understanding of languages, you should sign up now!