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Basic Description

Argentina borders Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay, and it is the eighth largest country in the world, second only to Brazil in terms of size and population in South America. The population mix of Argentina is very different from the rest of Latin America as it is mostly European. However, you can still experience "traditional life" in the northern provinces of Salta and Jujuy. These provinces resemble the Andean nations of Bolivia and Peru and differ culturally from those of the Pampas. Archaeological sites, volcanoes, small Indian villages, and nature reserves can be found in this area. Argentina is a country of European traditions that loves modernity and diversity. You will be guaranteed an immersion into its culture helped by its chatty, resourceful and kind people. On top of that, Argentina has every natural beauty you can think of: the mighty Andes, the wide Río de la Plata and the famous Iguaçu Falls. Magnificence on each end like the southern glaciers and the northern “Calchaquíes” Valleys going through the pampas in the center! Now is a great time to visit, so get your spirit in gear and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

The best of the country
Food & Drinks 
The rich mixture of Italian, Spanish, German and indigenous influences make this country a great culinary excursion. Try for yourself the best steaks, drink mate in the afternoons and taste Dulce de Leche!
Music & Dance 
Tango is the biggest attraction but not the only one! Argentina has other folklore music styles characterized by being joyful and easy to follow when dancing.
Plastic Arts 
You’ll find from classical artists with European influences like Fernando Fader or Lino Enea Spilimbergo to modern with American influences like Marta Minujín, one of Andy Warhol's most esteemed fellow conceptual artists.
Get moved to tears or laugh your heart out with the more than 2,500 full-length titles! Some of them like "El secreto de sus ojos", “La historia oficial” or “9 reinas” have achieved international recognition in recent decades.
Science and technology 
A very active student life characterizes every major city in the country. Students fill every classroom (to point that they have to sit on the floor), every library and lab.
Soccer is a major part of the country’s culture. Every single Argentinean is passionate about this sport all year long, especially during World Cup. Argentinean athletes are recognized in tennis, basketball, women’s hockey, golf and rugby as well.
Spare time 
This is a huge chapter on Argentineans life. Normally, families are very close, and spend Sunday’s lunch together. You can show up, unannounced, at an Argentinean’s house and the host will make you feel welcome as automatically starts heating water to prepare “mate”.
In every corner of the country you can visit historical spots recognized because of their presence in the works of well-known writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares and Julio Cortázar.


Eighth largest country in the world.
Great diversity of landscapes, culture & traditions.
Travel options for all budgets.
Argentines' hospitality help you learn Spanish easy and fast.
Well known for the high level of education of its people.