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Academic credits

Through your own Institution        Through Brookhaven College 

At COINED we can help you to get academic credit and make your trip much easier! Academic Credit is available at any of our Spanish courses. There are two different ways to receive academic credit:

Through your own Institution:

  • Traveling abroad has increasingly become an important part of the academic world. Lots of universities around the world encourage their students to travel abroad and are willing to help you make this trip possible. In order to approve the academic credit, your University will ask you for some specific information about the program you choose to take and will make sure the program follow their requirements.
  • Some common requirements from Universities are: course syllabus, classroom hours, course levels, academic policies, receiving progress reports from your teachers while you are abroad and talking to other teachers who know the program. Once you return to your country you will be given a test. We will help you gather all the required paperwork.
  • For more information, please contact us!

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Through Brookhaven College:

Receive transferable credit from Brookhaven College, a fully accredited, American community college accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (

You may receive credit for the following programs:

  • Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza.
  • Chile: Santiago de Chile.
  • Costa Rica: Flamingo Beach, Monteverde, Samara Beach.
  • Guatemala: Antigua

The relationship between the number of total credits a student is attempting to earn with the number of weeks of study required along with the 2012 program costs is displayed in the following table.

Brookhaven College MAP Structure and Fees

Number of Credits Minimum Number of Weeks of Language Study Required Number of Courses Brookhaven College MAP Fee
Dallas County Residents State of Texas Residents All  Others
3 credits 3 weeks 1 or 2 USD300 USD500 USD650
4 credits 3 weeks
5 credits 4 weeks
6 credits 5 weeks
7 credits 6 weeks
8 credits 6 weeks
9 credits 7 weeks 3, 4, or 5 USD500 USD650 USD850
10 credits 8 weeks
11 credits 9 weeks
12 credits 10 weeks
13 credits 11 weeks
14 credits 12 weeks
15 credits 13 weeks
16 credits 14 weeks
17 credits 15 weeks

Easy Steps:

1 - Talk to your Academic Advisor to verify that you may transfer credits from Brookhaven College to your university
2 - Register to an COINED Program. Make sure you add a comment stating that you are interested in receiving university credits. Upon your registration we will forward your contact information to Brookhaven who will contact you with procedure.
3 - Apply to Brookhaven College
4 - Pay fees

For more information, please contact us!

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